Individual workpieces or components are joined to form a new workpiece with a new shape, we talk about joining. The difference between joining and assembling is that, apart from the application of joining processes, assembling also includes other processes like measuring, checking, and positioning components.

[heading subtitle=”” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”style-1″]Assembly & Joining[/heading]

At Abslon, we support a wide range of assembly techniques using components such as:

  • General assembly of automotive powertrain components
  • High-interference assembly of automotive powertrain components
  • Assembly of components for the construction equipment industry
  • Assembly of mechanical components
  • Assembly of electrical components
[heading subtitle=”” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”style-1″]Application Expertise[/heading]
  • Pressing
  • RTV Dispensing: Manual and automatic solution for the application of a liquid sealant on various products
  • Sealing and Joining
  • Selective Assembly
  • Special Fitment Processes
  • Process Capability Assurance & Studies, and qualification to AIAG standards
  • Riveting & Hammering Processes
  • Part Marking & Labelling Components