PAPR System actively filters ambient air containing pollutant and pathogens and delivers the clean air to the user

Puriflow v1.0 by Abslon is a NIOSH equivalent Powered by Air purifying Respiratory Protection against aerosol transmissible pathogens during performance of high hazard procedures.

Respiratory Protection: designed as per NIOSH Standard and certified by NABL Labs.

Endurance: built with needs of healthcare workers in mind, the batteries can last an entire shift reducing downtime and need of recharge.

Comfort: adjustable belts makes it easy to use for long amounts of time.

  • Pandemics always comes up with various life-threatening issues.
  • COVID-19 outbreak came up with the same issues along with certain other problems involving public, administrative and healthcare sector concerns.
  • Healthcare Workers are working day and night just to protect the citizens despite being at high-risk exposure and they are being aimed by the virus due to shortage of Powered Air Purified Respirator kits.

Why Puriflow v1.0

The high-risk area, the stress, the working environment for the health care workers are unique.

These unprecedented situations demand a unique solution, a breath of pure Air.

So we introduce our product “Puri Flow V1.0”.

PAPR integrated with H14 grade HEPA filter(99.99% efficacy)

Easily cleanable

Rechargeable battery. Continuous usage up to 7hours.

How Puriflow Works

  • NIOSH equivalent Powered Air Purifying Respirator(PAPR) provides respiratory protection against aerosol transmissible pathogens during the performance of high hazard procedures.
  • The fenestrated casing allows ambient contaminated air to flow into the blower unit.
  • The contaminated air then passes through a high-efficiency HEPA filter that blocks out contaminants.
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery the unit pushes clean air up through the hose into the helmet.
  • Puri Flow ensures the minimum airflow of 170liters/min constantly.
  • The helmet is a loose-fitting hood that protects you from contaminants by ensuring adequate airflow under positive pressure.

Puriflow Certificates